quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

A verdadeira família real

O Queen revelou as bonus tracks dos próximos cinco discos a serem relançados. A nova leva chega às lojas do mundo no próximo dia 27 de junho.

News Of The World

'Feelings, Feelings' (Take 10, July 1977)
'Spread Your Wings' (BBC Session, October 1977)
'My Melancholy Blues' (BBC Session, October 1977)
'Sheer Heart Attack' (Live in Paris, February 1979)
'We Will Rock You (Fast)' (Live in Tokyo, November 1982)


'Fat Bottomed Girls' (Single Version)
'Bicycle Race' (Instrumental)
'Don't Stop Me Now' (With Long-Lost Guitars)
'Let Me Entertain You' (Live in Montreal, November 1981)
'Dreamers Ball' (Early Acoustic Take, August 1978)

The Game

'Save Me' (Live in Montreal, November 1981)
'A Human Body' (B-Side)
'Sail Away Sweet Sister' (Take 1 With Guide Vocal, February 1980)
'It's A Beautiful Day' (Original Spontaneous Idea, April 1980)
'Dragon Attack' (Live in Milton Keynes, June 1982)

Flash Gordon

'Flash' (Single Version)
'The Hero' (October 1980… Revisited)
'The Kiss' (Early Version, March 1980)
'Football Fight' (Early Version, No Synths! - February 1980)
'Flash' (Live in Montreal, November 1981)
'The Hero' (Live in Montreal, November 1981)

Hot Space

'Staying Power' (Live in Milton Keynes, June 1982)
'Soul Brother' (B-Side)
'Back Chat' (Single Remix)
'Action This Day' (Live in Tokyo, November 1982)
'Calling All Girls' (Live in Tokyo, November 1982)

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